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The Shins – “Name For You”

From Axxidental: “The Shins have been teasing their follow-up to 2012’s Port Of Morrow since early last year, and today they’ve announced that their new album, which is called Heartworms, will come out on 3/10. (They postponed its release to angle for a better Coachella placement, but they ended up not playing the festival at all.) Last fall, they shared “Dead Alive,” and […]

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Lost American Band: “Put Me in a Spell”

  Produced by Petra GarmonDirector | Jordi EstradaVideo by Lost American BandFind out more and follow at Source: Lost American Band Share “Put Me in a Spell” Music Video | Axxidental Zine

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An instructional video about chia or something

Honestly, we have no idea what he’s saying throughout this video and that’s totally ok. The video, like most of the ones we post are entertaining for other reasons.  We haven’t blogged in a while so when this came across the feed this am, it seemed too perfect no to post. Consider this a “sorry […]

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New M.I.A. – Go Off

  M.I.A. “Go Off” available now (Produced by Skrillex and Blaqstarr)

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The Julie Ruin – “I’m Done” [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

I have been a huge Kathleen Hanna fan since I was a teenager.  I think I heard All American Rejects  from Bikini Kill when I was about 16 and then I was HOOKED.  This is a new video from her latest project The Julie Ruin Check it out below:   The Julie Ruin’s Kathleen Hanna teams […]

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‘The Legend Of Tarzan’ Gets A Gay Porn Parody

LOL we love a good gay porn parody. From Instinct: We love a gay porn parody and this time is no exception! heads to Costa Rica for their production of Tarzan: A Gay XXX Parody with Diego Sans in the titular role!You could really place Diego in a loin cloth in any scenario and we’d […]

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Getting In Touch With Godney

Over the past weekend, I traveled across the country from New York to Pebble Beach, California for my ten year high school reunion. (Yeah, I know…) But while I was avoiding running into those who I didn’t want to see again, I managed to spend a little time getting in touch with my higher power, […]

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Street Workout with Brothers Al Kavadlo and Danny Kavadlo

Hot bearded, tatted guys working out in the streets?  Sign us up.   Brothers Al Kavadlo and Danny Kavadlo always inspire me and make me laugh.Video from Al KavadloGet the new ebook STREET WORKOUT by Al Kavadlo and Danny Kavadlo: Source: Inspiration | Street Workout with Brothers Al Kavadlo and Danny Kavadlo | Accidental Bear

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Gay superhero film trailer romances the internet

All of us here at are huge comic geeks, so when something like this comes across our screen, we HAVE to reblog:   From attitude:     A brilliant new trailer starring LGBT superheroes launched online this week, urging studios to “more accurately portray sexuality on the big screen.”The clip, titled #LGBTSuperheroes, shows two […]

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Barb and Rach

New Web Series Features Barbie Doll Hot Messes: Barb and Rach

Barb and Rach is a hilarious new web series entirely made of Barbie dolls. The series follows Barb who is an impressionable girl with a drive for cocaine, and Rach, her drug dealer friend having an identity crisis (which seems to be transgendered). Each of the ten episodes is under a minute or less, so […]

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