Parties included on the Home page: $50/week

Inclusion in the Antitwink email list: $150/blast

Twitter sponsored tweet- $50

Instagram post: $75

Homepage Video

If you would like to promote your Video, commercial for your bar, upcoming event commercial or Vlog post: $200/week.

*if you would like a commercial for your bar or event, but you don’t have the capability- one of the kids that works for this site can make one for you.  The charge for that will depend on how involved the video is, and how much time it takes to edit etc. Contact us to set this up.


Promotional Blog Posting

JUST TO BE CLEAR, IF YOU PAY US FOR A POST WE WILL MARK IT CLEARLY AS “SPONSORED POST”. That way we can still be truthful to our readers.

Sponsored Blog post: $200- stays up forever (unless there is an unforeseeable apocalypse, cease and desist letter, or site crash with total loss of info)


Product Advertising

email blast inclusion: $150

banner/square ad: $25/week


Event Sponsor

the owner and staff have a ton of weekly parties, and some larger monthly ones, if you would like to do a giveaway, promotion, or something, contact us, and we’ll hook each other up.

*the above prices are the “hard prices”, we don’t over shoot ad prices to haggle down (because really who has time for that?).  We will consider some trade agreements on a per client basis, as we do want to help out younger promoters and artists, but we have to chat about it, so email us.

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