When I started AntiTwink in 2007, it wasn’t about hating twinks. It was, and still is, a different concept entirely.  It came from a group of young skinny gay dudes that got lumped into a label that didn’t fit them.  It came from those of us that look all sweet and innocent on the outside, but inside we’re more like a moshpit.  It’s those of us who have more sex pistols mp3s than Britney ones- the wierdos, the outcasts, and honestly we’re more like the twink version of the antichrist than anything else.  We are the young gay guys that probably aren’t waiting in line for Gaga tickets, normally we’re too busy checking out some actual downtown performance art.  Or protesting something, yeah we’re those guys too.


Honestly, we really do love all you twinks.  But if you’re really offended you can send us some hate mail and I’ll post it up here so we can all make fun of you for crying like a little bitch.  Also, while you’re at it- look up sarcasm in the dictionary and then go fuck yourself.


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