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Posted on: June 23rd, 2016 by Matty Glitterati 1 Comment

Matty Glitterati

We all have those songs that really stick with us. The get inside your head, you bloodstream, your very being. No matter what you do you cant shake them and, frankly, you don’t want it to! These are the songs that link themselves to our memories and can never be forgotten.

Less Talk, More Art Tattoo 3

When I first heard “Less Talk, More Art“, the latest release from Brooklyn Fire by Vito Fun and Koil, I had just this reaction. From the accordion under-belly to the sultry female vocals of Terra Naomi, this song immediately stuck out in my mind. While the lyrics are simple, they are still profound and say one of the most important things an artist needs to remember, “Less Talk, More Art”. Stop talking about the book you were created to pen, write it. Stop talking about that painting that is right behind your eyes, paint it. Stop talk about that collaboration that’s been sitting on the back burner for years, come together and make something. That stuck with me. It stuck with me so much that when I approached Vito Fun saying the song would make an amazing tattoo, we almost immediately did just that. We set a date, walked down St. Marks  to Fun City Tattoo and got those four words inked into my back forever by the one and only Mina Aoki. It is one of my happiest New York City memories and the best reminder to shut up and make something beautiful.

Brooklyn Fire is a Brooklyn-based label with a variety of artists and new releases almost weekly! Always something different, and always something keep your feet moving. Vito Fun has been born and raised in NYC and has been DJing for well over a decade. With residencies from The Limelight to his current tenure in the Fire Island Pines, the man never ceases to bring the Fun where he goes.


Keep your eyes peeled for the video, which should be dropping in just a few weeks! In the meantime, make sure you purchase the song on Beatport and just for fun check out some pictures of me with a needle in my back!

Less Talk, More Art Tattoo; Matty Mina 2

Less Talk, More Art Tattoo; Matty Mina 1



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Posted on: June 23rd, 2016 by Matty Glitterati 1 Comment

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