New “I Am Omar Mateen” Meme Targets Homophobic Republicans In Wake of Tragedy

Posted on: June 14th, 2016 by @theantitwink No Comments

Let’s just start off with this- fuck republicans, fuck their party, fuck their ideology of guns, homophobia, misogyny, and “family values”, also Kim Davis who is technically registered as a “democrat”- fuck her too.   When political leaders and pundits are openly anti-gay, when political leaders running for president attend a “kill the gays”religious rally, and when political leaders VOTE DOWN protections for the LGBT community and demonize us with bathroom bills, they throw gas on a fire of hate, one that is regularly used to do harm to the LGBT community.  This is generally not a person by person issue in politics, it largely runs on party lines.

When rhetoric goes up, so does violence toward the groups targeted in the rhetoric.  When Donald Trump started demonizing muslims, attacks went up against that community nationwide.  News organizations talk about how dangerous it is, how terrible it is, then they give it time on air.

When something like the tragedy in Orlando happens, all of the republicans come out with thoughts and prayers, then they try to act like they didn’t just get a check from the NRA and the Family Research Council.  They act like their political actions, statements, and votes aren’t part of this.

They very much are, though, and it’s time to hold them accountable.  Find your senators, and your representatives, your governors and state level representatives, and find out their record, see where they stand on guns, on the LGBT community, on women’s rights, and then vote them out.  Share memes like these, share news stories, do what you can on social media and then CALL THEIR OFFICE DIRECTLY.  Tweet at them.  Tag them in things that highlight the terrible consequences of their policy.  hashtag things like #thebloodisonyourhands or #youvotedforthis.

This meme set below is one of the first ways I’ve seen to help highlight this in a way that can go viral.  All if these folks have blood on their hands, and none of them want to be associated with it.  Share them.  If one of these is your senator, or rep, or governor, tweet it directly at them.  The pundits- blow up their inbox.  The former politicians- call them out online.


From WOW:

Watching Republicans scramble to somehow acknowledge the tragedy in Orlando while simultaneously ignoring that the victims were gay, and trying to stay in line with their anti-LGBT ideology has been frustrating to say the least. A new meme started by Michael Sheldon has surfaced mocking their sympathy, implying that they are in fact more akin to the shooter than the victims.

Source: WARNING: Shocking New “I Am Omar Mateen” Meme Targets Homophobic Republicans In Wake of Tragedy – The WOW Report



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Posted on: June 14th, 2016 by @theantitwink No Comments

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