Eliad Cohen and Daniel Sisniega for ARMY OF LOVE

Posted on: May 21st, 2016 by Michael 1 Comment

The theme for the popular Papa Party for Tel Aviv Pride 2016 is Army of LOVE. In the promo photos (by Bruno Olvez Villa) released for the occasion, DJ. model, and party promoter Eliad Cohen is dressed as an Israeli soldier while Mexican model Daniel Sisniega poses as a young Palestinian.

Source: Sprinkled Peen Tumblr

Eliad-Cohen-Daniel-Sisniega-Army-Of-Love-Burbujas-De-Deseo-01 Eliad-Cohen-Daniel-Sisniega-Army-Of-Love-Burbujas-De-Deseo-02

Eliad-Cohen-Daniel-Sisniega-Army-Of-Love-Burbujas-De-Deseo-03 Eliad-Cohen-Daniel-Sisniega-Army-Of-Love-Burbujas-De-Deseo-04

Eliad-Cohen-Daniel-Sisniega-Army-Of-Love-Burbujas-De-Deseo-05 Eliad-Cohen-Daniel-Sisniega-Army-Of-Love-Burbujas-De-Deseo-06

Eliad-Cohen-Daniel-Sisniega-Army-Of-Love-Burbujas-De-Deseo-07 Eliad-Cohen-Daniel-Sisniega-Army-Of-Love-Burbujas-De-Deseo-08



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Posted on: May 21st, 2016 by Michael 1 Comment

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  1. allessandro dalvenes says:

    Thank you to our dear Eliad, which is adorable. He is fantastic . In addition very nice. Thank you so much. June 7 Gay Pride in Tel Aviv. It is a very great pleasure. Kisses to all.


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