Our New Instagram Crush Federico Devito

Posted on: July 16th, 2015 by @theantitwink No Comments

Early this week I was on tumblr, reblogging super important stuff (ok so I was reblogging boners), and I ran across this post:


Naturally, since the model is THAT HOT I had to look him up.  What I found is this cute little guy is a filmmaker with 100k followers on youtube.  I figured instead of just objectifying him, we’d give him a shout out for what he actually does (and then objectify him some more).

 Check out his youtube channel here, and if you would like to see what’s on there, check this out:

now here’s more of him being adorable:  

Atacando a cozinha no meio das fotos pq sou desses e não nego.

A photo posted by Federico Devito (@federico_devito) on

I got my eyes on you… 😂✌🏻️

A video posted by Federico Devito (@federico_devito) on



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Posted on: July 16th, 2015 by @theantitwink No Comments

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