Madonna – ‘Bitch I’m Madonna’ *VIDEO PREMIERE*

Posted on: June 17th, 2015 by Joey Heal No Comments

Oh Madonna, you’ve outdone yourself with ridiculousness this time. Madonna posted a photo on her social media just yesterday that advertised the upcoming video release, using basically the same exact styling that Taylor Swift just used in her last video (which only just came out a month ago), she also used a similar tactic as Swifty to gain some hits by asking some of her famous lady friends to join her in the video. The only lady however that actually join Madge in the vid is Rita Ora (because, what else does she have to do?) and Chris Rock (?!). All the other celebs, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Kanye & Miley Cyrus only appear in the new clip in pre recorded video form. Not even Nicki Minaj who raps on the track is in the actual video, only appearing on a floating tv screen in the background. The video is pretty much a glammed up version of her performance of the song on one of those late night talk shows a couple of weeks ago, running around, with a bunch of people half her age, sock puppets, doing things unbecoming of a mother. Madonna looks great and the video is very colorful and fun, but this is a song she should have released in the 80’s. The first two songs/videos off her current album were beautifully shot and age appropriate (I guess that term is relative though) and this video kind of knocks her back down a peg for trying to fit in with the 20 somethings that are dominating the charts at the moment. ‘Bitch’ debuted on the Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart at no. 14 when it first came out back in January and moved up to no. 11 with some airplay at it’s peak, it will likely see a push with the videos release. The video is currently only available on Tidal, so if this one gets deleted I’ll try and find another link! Check it out for yourself below!



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Posted on: June 17th, 2015 by Joey Heal No Comments

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