Spank A Hot Scruffy Man In New Game S(t)imulation!

Posted on: December 15th, 2014 by Joey Heal No Comments

Ummmm….I may or may not be typing this with a slight boner, so excuse me if my words are a bit erratic. There is a new game by creator Robert Lang in which you use your computer mouse or track pad (OR if you are fancy enough to have one of those sensor bars you can spank him with that!) to spank a hot, muscular, tattooed, hairy man! You start by shaking his hand and negotiating the terms of the spanking, once that is all out of the way he takes off his pants, gets on all fours and lets you spank the shit (not literally, not that kind of game) out of him until he yells the safe word, at which point you have to slow down and rub his back until he is ready for more. This all takes place in some kind of dark, dirty room with clothes thrown all over the place and some seedy techno music playing in the background. The game is free to download on MAC and PC, but be nice and donate a couple bucks. I did. And for $2 it is VERY worth it. Check out this Vine clip below of the gameplay!


Follow the link HERE to download the game!



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Posted on: December 15th, 2014 by Joey Heal No Comments

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