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EDM meets Marriage Equality #myloveisequal

Posted on: April 17th, 2014 by Ernie No Comments

Matty Glitterati There have been quite a few viral LGBT marriage proposal videos in the past year or so. They are clever, they are beautiful, and they always make me cry. Now tissues aside, DJ/Producer Ryan Skyy has teamed up with with the #MyLoveIsEqual campaign and has just released a music video for his song […]


Brian Hawn does Sia- Chandelier

Posted on: April 17th, 2014 by Ernie 1 Comment

Brian Hawn, best known on antitwink for his incredible ass, is at it again:


Orange Is The New Black Season 2 Trailer

Posted on: April 17th, 2014 by Matty Glitterati No Comments

Matty Glitterati Well, the wait is over kittens! Uh… ALMOST over! June 6th the feisty crew from cell block V are back with an brand new season! That is right, Orange Is The New Black is back and badder than ever! We have new characters, our favorite old characters and new haircuts! What could be more […]

take off shirt

You’ve Been Taking Off Your T-shirt Wrong

Posted on: April 17th, 2014 by Ernie No Comments

The guy that does this video reminds me of all of those old commericals- “in Russia, car drives YOU” etc.  I keep expecting him to break out into that.  I’m posting this as I know we have a lot of promiscuous  guys on here that will find tips like this beneficial, I mean, getting out of your […]


Who wants to see Orlando Bloom nekkid?

Posted on: April 16th, 2014 by Ernie No Comments

Here are some caps from Orlando’s movie Zulu, which recently got a straight-to-DVD release in the US. via:Attitude Magazine Who wants to see Orlando Bloom’s bare bum? (NSFW) » Attitude Magazine.


Nw Andrew Christian Video- Kiss

Posted on: April 16th, 2014 by Ernie No Comments

I’m a little confused as to why he made it less racy in the video with Cockyboys Models, but its still a sexy vid.  It’s also got Levi Karter in it so we kinda HAD to post it:)


Terra Grenade’s Season 6 Ru-View Episode 9

Posted on: April 15th, 2014 by Terra Grenade No Comments

Oh. My. God. This episode was so controversial! It opens up with a girl we haven’t even seen before and she’s being chased down by dogs. Next thing you know she has an arrow shooting through her leg and she’s being torn apart and who is the culprit? That bitch who tortured Theon last season! […]

madonna nadya mdna skin

Nadya Ginsburg parodies Madonna’s new MDNA skincare Commercial

Posted on: April 15th, 2014 by Ernie No Comments

I love this.  Nadya Ginsburg creates a parody video about the MDNA skincare line and it’s hilarious.  Check out the parody and original below:   H/T Instinct


Preview of Röyksopp & Robyn’s new mini album “do it again” out on May 26

Posted on: April 15th, 2014 by Ernie No Comments

Röyksopp and Robyn’s new ‘mini album’ (EP), ‘Do It Again’, will be released on May 26. Below is the tracklisting, and below that is a bit of the first track on the ‘mini album’ (EP), ‘Monument’. 1. Monument 2. Sayit 3. Do It Again 4. Every Little Thing 5. Inside The Idle Hour Club

Screen shot 2014-04-15 at 10.14.25 AM

Sometimes you gotta Vogue like a power ranger

Posted on: April 15th, 2014 by Ernie No Comments

Sometimes you just can’t vogue like anything BUT a power ranger. What I would like to see is a vogue battle between spiderman and venom though. Post by Jordan Hailstock.

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