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Beyonce shows up on another surprise track

Posted on: April 24th, 2014 by Ernie No Comments

Category is- #STUNTS.  Beyonce shows up on a  Surprise track from one of her collaborators: Boots.  A portion of the proceeeds are going to this charity.  Take a listen and share it for a good cause.

Donna Magazine Features Scruffy Model: Marlon Teixeira

Posted on: April 24th, 2014 by Ernie No Comments

You know how much we love a scruffy model. Donna Magazine Gets Swept Away With Model Marlon Teixeira: PHOTOSNewNowNext.


New Doc on Gaymers

Posted on: April 22nd, 2014 by Ernie No Comments

Gaming in Color is a new documentary on the whole culture of Gaymers from events to the gaymer community.  You can watch it for the suggested donation of $15 or the minimum of $1. Here is an excerpt from the director: GAMING IN COLOR exists for anyone who believes that the pixelated world can be a […]


Terra Grenade’s RPDR Season 6 review Episode 10

Posted on: April 22nd, 2014 by Terra Grenade No Comments

The top 6 is here and they are finally presented with a challenge Trinity Bonet can excel in! A makeover! No acting and no need to be funny, just an eye for fashion, makeup and hair. this challenge has her name written all over it. WAIT. That bitch went home!!! Evil, Ru! Just hateful! The […]

will tudor 1

Will Tudor on Game of thrones gives us a lot of eye candy

Posted on: April 22nd, 2014 by Ernie No Comments

We love The Show Game of Thrones.  The HBO show has way more gratuitous sex in it than the books do, but its all pretty hot so we’re ok with it.  On of the actors that gives great ass shots performances, is Will Tudor, the prostitute/spy that started on the show last season.  Here are a […]


Greenhouse may be no more

Posted on: April 21st, 2014 by Ernie No Comments

At least according to the NY Post.  It’s not surprising really, they have a brawl there every 5 minutes.  Now that Sunday Service is the thing to do on Sundays, it really doesn’t matter- the only party worth going there for was Vandammit and now all those peeps are at Sankey’s too. Here’s the deets […]


Nick Jonas gets all jacked for new UFC movie

Posted on: April 21st, 2014 by Ernie No Comments

I gotta be honest, before this boy started getting all hot and stuff the extent of what I knew about anything jonas was from the South Park  episode about promise rings.  I’m sure their music was/is terrible  something only kids would like.  This boy however, is boneable and has the Instagram to prove it.  Check it out: […]


Shirtless Colby Keller Reading Haikus

Posted on: April 21st, 2014 by Ernie No Comments

Colby Keller being his adorable self. See more of him HERE, and HERE


True blood Season 7 Trailer

Posted on: April 21st, 2014 by Ernie No Comments

Well, it may not be as hot without Eric.  We have his last moments naked and on fire here.  Hopefully the show ends on a really good note as this is the last season, but I really don’t see it from the trailer. It’s always good for skin though  


Artist does a pretty awesome thing with homophobic tweets against Tom Daley

Posted on: April 19th, 2014 by Ernie No Comments

Last year when Tom Daley came out, there was a collective “duh” from the gay community, I mean really most of us weren’t fooled.  Like even remotely.  We welcomed him with open arms and he’s now one of us officially.  On the other side though, there were a TON of homophobic tweets and messages about […]

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